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September 1-3, 2017

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Congratulations! You have been selected to attend MAGLabs, a 3-day festival where the best and brightest minds in video game fandom have been invited to build, experiment, and rock out without interruption from petty cultural norms like "sleep" or "day jobs." At MAGLabs, you will find everything you could desire to build, write, create, and make your own mark on game culture.

September 1-3, 2017

Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

Alexandria, VA

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MAGLabs is about making game culture. When inspiration strikes, come to the Makerspace to get working on a new project fast!

In the Makerspace you will find the tools you need to make a wide variety of projects, along with experienced staff who can give you feedback on your project, advice, or help with new tools and materials. Whether you have never tried to make anything before, or you build things for a living, you are guaranteed to find a project that gets your creativity flowing.



Sewing machines, thread, fabric, and a whole array of other sewing needs to fix your costume, make a stuffed animal, or create a quilt with your Overwatch clan to celebrate your tournament domination.



Buy your kits at the MAGLabs merch stand, then come to the Makerspace to put them together at the freely available soldering stations.



Make a game, learn to code, or just learn how to put Blinky lights in your cosplay. We'll have workshops to get you started.



Build an instrument, compose a song, or just learn how to play rainbow road. We'll have musical workshops, a Jam Clinic, and people showing off their musical creations.

Panels and Workshops

Do you have something to show people?  At MAGLabs, you can show the world your talents.  Run a panel, lead a workshop, show off the fruits of your labor.

We're currently accepting applications for panels and workshops.  Sign up here:

MAGLabs Panel Application


We've invited some of the biggest names in making and video games to come hang out and build with us!

Jon St. John

What? Did you think I was gone forever?


We're going to have the best concerts you've ever seen.  Check back soon for more.