D&D Sluggers

"A one-man band armed with an electric guitar, a Nintendo DS, and just the right blend of awkwardness, angst, and artistry, D&D Sluggers is inevitably a world apart from any other act on the bill. And I don’t think he’d have it any other way."


"D&D Sluggers are a fun electro-dance troupe from North Carolina with some indie/punk roots (if I'm understanding their music correctly) and a fun-filled, almost chiptune approach to their songs."

– Necci, RVAmag

"D&D Sluggers is the solo venture of Tim White, a musician that seamlessly blends electronic instrumentation with indie-rock inspired guitar work and pop-punk driven melodies.
(The) songs are built at their core through a Nintendo DS and fleshed out with White's infectious vocal melodies and simplistic yet rhythmically dense guitar work. Through a combination of loops and organic instrumentation, D&D Sluggers build brilliant and quirky tracks with minimal arrangements, but they're liable to get you dancing along in no time flat.

– Grant Golden 

D&D Sluggers seem to have found an approach that offers more than 8-bit gimmicks and comic-shop in-jokes.

– Bryan Reed