Mike Rosson

Michael A. Rosson was born in Baltimore Maryland in 1957, and again a few hours later as the first one didn't quite take. He grew up in Prince George's County Maryland, which may explain a few things. By all accounts, he and his four siblings were singing and performing long before their parents could afford a large enough hook to yank them all off of the stage at once.

Sometime around 1985, he and a high school chum formed a two man comedy team of the absurd variety, calling themselves the Video Pirates. Rosson as the dapper and cultured ruffian Captain Cable along with his hulking oafish skulduggerous sidekick ol' Ben Skinbeard, they not only entertained in clubs and events in the DC/Baltimore area, but also found opportunities to do voice work for radio, TV and animation venues. 

Mike also has made appearances in some of your favorite video games. In 2007, Star Trek: conquest, voiced Cardassian Admiral #3 / Romulan Officer. In 2008, Fallout 3, voiced Colin Moriarty / Dr. Weston Lesko / Charon / Gob / Roy Phillips / Snowflake / Ahzrukhal / Winthrop / Quinn / Dr. Barrows / Crowley / Griffon / Patchwork / Barrett / Murphy / Michael Masters / Gallo / Jaime Palabras / Novice / Male Ghouls / Wernher - The Pitt DLC. In 2015, Fallout 4, voiced Minutemen Radio Voice / Vault-Tec Scientist

With Mr. Skinbeard having retired some years back, Mr. Rosson continues to perform and make use of his larynx wherever and whenever possible at the drop of any hat. 

He will occasionally assume the persona of someone named Big Bill Brody, but you'll have to ask him about that. He currently lives in Gaithersburg Maryland and plays a banjolele in a string band called 5:30 Somewhere.

Son of a gun, he had big fun on this bio.