MAGLabs Iron Jams

Attention musicians! Composers! Arrangers! Any and all who seek musical glory. We are pleased to present MAGLabs' premiere of Iron Jams! Only those with their hearts and bodies fully in tune can claim victory on this battleground. 

- Teams of 2-5 people will be assembled (you can bring your own squad or we’ll do our best to help you form/join one at the event!)

- Each team will be assigned 5 random video game tunes and provided with lead sheets (chords/melody) for each song.

- Teams will arrange a single song or medley using at least 3 of the songs assigned as source material over the course of the weekend, and perform it live on Sunday during a feedback, discussion, and judging session.

- There will be prizes! The winning team and runner-up will receive prizes TBD in the form of M-points.

NOTE: Dedicated rehearsal space is very limited due to the Mark Center's space constraints, so please be mindful of other attendees and hotel guests when practicing at your location of choice. We highly encourage bringing your own instrument, as backlined equipment will be limited. Nevertheless, drums, hand percussion, instrument amplifiers, and microphones will be provided for your performance.

Signups will be done in the Jamspace! Sharpen those axes and grab your earplugs, because this is gonna ROCK.