John Shirley

John Shirley is the author of numerous books and many, many short stories. He co-wrote the movie THE CROW and has written for television, animation and videogames (Telltale Games). His novels include BioShock: Rapture, Halo: Broken Circle, Bleak History, Crawlers, Demons, The Other End, A Splendid Chaos, the Borderlands novels, and such seminal cyberpunk works as City Come A-Walkin’, and the “A Song Called Youth” trilogy. His story collections include the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild award-winning “Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side”;  “Living Shadows: Stories: New & Pre-owned”, and “In Extremis: The Most Extreme Short Stories of John Shirley”. Shirley has fronted his own rock bands and written lyrics for Blue Öyster Cult and others. His current musical projects include the “psychedelic punk” band The Screaming Geezers, and a solo album soon to come out, “SPACESHIP LANDING IN A CEMETERY: John Shirley and Jerry King.”