Gamer Iron Chef

MAGfest Laboratories is pleased to announce the return of the Gamer Iron Chef Initiative; a competition centered around video gaming and designed to isolate the curious tastes and feeding habits of humans.


This test will consist of 3 Teams of 3 Test Subjects. Standard attendees, staff, dealers, panelists, and guests have all been cleared to participate in this test so long as they have been pre-registered by the main computer cluster.


The Teams will be allotted 1 hour to prepare 3 dishes: Appetizer, Entree, and a Dessert or Beverage, using only a Microwave, a Blender, and a George Foreman Grilling Device. Teams will be permitted to procure necessary food stuffs beforehand with a limited reimbursement fund authorized by the logistics division. Some basic consumables and spices will also be provided, along with, of course, the Secret Ingredients!


The teams will be rated on the categories of Taste, Originality, Presentation, Use of Secret Ingredient, and Overall, by a panel of Overseers chosen in advance. Plan your dishes wisely as only the finest will be selected.


All contestants should have these other qualifications: 

-Feel that they can represent the human taste experience to the Overseers.

-Enjoy themselves under the scrutiny of observation.

-Possess excellent team work and time management skills.

-Willingness to be assessed by our Overseers while being recorded for our human learning archives.


Teams must be able to arrive by the setup time of the event: Saturday September 2nd, 12:30pm in Main Events/Panels 1.

If you're interested and feel you embody the above qualities, please fill out the following form for the consideration of our logistics division.


The deadline for sign up is August 25th. On August 26th, the 3 Teams will be determined, announced, and contacted for further instructions.


Will You champion the tastes of man?!

If you want to sign up for Gamer Iron Chef, please fill out this form.