Featured Panelist: Fard Muhammad

Fard Muhammad is an actor, voiceover artist, and animator known for his work on Channel Awesome. He has co-starred in the critically-acclaimed independent film "Jesus, Bro!", portrayed the lethal enforcer General Anesthetic on "Pop Quiz Hot Shot", and also appeared in "The Nostalgia Critic". Fard has lent his voice on many projects- including album reviews on the YouTube series "Rocked", the Facebook Live series "Jude News", Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer's puppet series "Dungeon Crawlers", and the upcoming storytelling podcast "The NC Times". He has also animated intro sequences for Channel Awesome- including the current intro to the Nostalgia Critic and DisneyCember, as well as the animated logo for the company itself. Recently, when Fard was in the audience of "Conan", his unique laugh was heard and singled out by Conan O'Brien himself- calling Fard his "new favorite guy".


Fard is also a co-host of Chicago Movieoke, a karaoke event where people quote movie scenes instead of sing songs. Recently, Fard has brought the event to conventions in the United States and Canada, and will bring it to MAGLabs in the form of "Full-Motion Videoke", where people sign up for scenes from video games and perform them as they play on the big screen. If you think you're a bad enough dude to rescue the Presi-... um... I mean, If you'd like to join in on the fun, be sure to stop by!