Crunk Witch

Crunk Witch is an electro-pop duo from Presque Isle, Maine. The band was formed in 2009 by married couple Brandon Miles and Hannah Colleen. Their music is a blend of pop, rock, chiptune, and various electronic genres. Many of their lyrics are set in a science fiction reality and involve themes of adventure and romance.

Crunk Witch spends nearly half a year playing shows across the U.S. at a variety of venues including conventions, arcades, festivals, and bars. To date, the group has released three full length albums; their latest release, Heartbeats in Hyperspace (2014), sold over 2,500 copies in its first week. As of 2017, Crunk Witch has sold over 30,000 albums and singles worldwide as an independent act.

"One of the best bands from Maine."
- Paste Magazine

"A big sound showcasing a mastery of production and vocal fireworks."
- The Big Takeover

"Crunk Witch are dramatic in all the right ways. Silly, sincere, and wholly invested."
- Portland Phoenix

"The most energetic live show I've seen in years"
- DC Underground