Cowabunga Pizza Time

It was April of 2014. A mysterious, toxic, green ooze was spilled on various members of Thee Lexington Arrows, Gunwife Gone, Entertainment System and The Baltimore Rock Opera Society, mutating them into a denim-clad clan of beer-swilling, pizza-scarfing, rock n’ roll ninjas. When the horrific transformation was complete, Cowabunga Pizza Time was born. Trained in metal/punk/party rock n’ roll, CBPT is a high energy, six-person tidal wave of fun that perform original songs about pizza, ninjas, skating, fighting bad guys, partying, pizza, and wearing denim vests. Known for their high energy performances and a penchant for giving out free pizza at the top of each show, Cowabunga Pizza Time made a splash very early with audiences and has shared the stage with such acts as Diarrhea Planet, The Biters, Peelander-Z, and The Protomen. For a steaming hot slice of the true power of the “humans wearing denim” listen to Cowabunga Pizza Time’s freshmen self-titled release, Cowabunga Pizza Time